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Support the Local Schools!

Contest ended April 30, 2019

Grand prize winner: Kaitlyn Sobieray

Look for her character in the upcoming book: The Eons of Elijah

Help support the local schools!

School library and arts programs struggle to be able to gather funds. Help support them below!

For every $1.00 donated, you will have one entry into a drawing. First place prize will be to become a character in an upcoming book in the Anthology of Resuoh, a blurb in the acknowledgements section, and an autographed copy of "Forged in the Storm."

Five runner ups winners will receive autographed copies of the book as well. Enter to win today! Contest runs until  May 1, 2019

Fill out the form below, then submit to be entered. Then come back and make your donation! Donations will be confirmed before picking winners!

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