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Are you ready to enter the Void?

Book 3 of the Anthology of Resuoh will be available in 10 days! Are you ready? Within the Void, secrets are held. A beast with a hidden agenda lurks in the darkness, while an all consuming mist hunts any who enter. Are you brave enough to step through the portal? Can Jade survive long enough to discover the truth behind everything?

Jade Horizons, available May 1st! Visit to pick up the first two books if you have not yet read them, and enter for a chance to win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Jade Horizons, or a FREE AUDIOBOOK copy of Forged in the Storm, on Audible!!

For twitter followers, retweet for an additional chance to win AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF ALL THREE BOOKS!

Twitter: @BooksHouser



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