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Thank you for taking an interest in my books! At present books one through three are available for sale. Please stay tuned and sign up for my news letter for updates! As you read through the books, can you find all the hidden word puzzles and unsolved mysteries fictionally explained through the stories? 

Forged in the Storm


Publish date: Dec 30, 2018

There is absolutely nothing unique about the Resuoh family. A father, a mother, and three children who love each other and try to live a normal life in rural Nebraska. When a well-meaning scientist attempts to thwart a scheme of world-changing proportions by an elusive employer, he inadvertently throws the Resuoh’s into an epic adventure that will change them all forever.

As they work to pick up the pieces, they find that the nefarious corporation, ExTek Labs, is developing a slew of new technology that is altering mankind. Unwillingly affected, the tech begins to alter one of the children into something superhuman, but with lethal consequences. His parents are forced to accept the help of a mysterious hooded man to save the life of their son. Does he have their best interests at heart, or is he working toward his own veiled agenda?

Join the Resuoh’s in their attempt to find their way back to normalcy as they watch destruction rain down upon their small town. Will they succeed or will the future of the world be forever changed?

Available in paper back, hard cover, and e-book. Audiobook coming soon!

Remnants of Tomorrow


Publish date: Feb 17 2019

Technology is created for the betterment of mankind, but at what point is it to far?

While the Resuoh Family seem safe for the moment, things quickly change as ExTek releases an all new threat to recapture the device that is now fused into Elijah's arm. As the family are forced to confront this, they also come face to face with mysterious new allies, and uncover the dark plot behind ExTek once and for all.

Once more from the multiple perspectives of the members of the family, Remnants of Tomorrow continues the adventure in The Anthology of Resuoh, Book 2. More hidden messages, secret unsolved mysteries, and intrigue await as we follow the family, desperately trying to keep themselves together, and ultimately paying a price far too high.

Cover front only.JPG
Jade Horizons


Release Date: May 2019

The Resuoh Family has been scattered through time, but what has become of Jade?

Captured and trapped in a castle where nothing makes sense, Jade must use her wits and newfound abilities to survive dangers unlike any she has yet seen. From a humanoid beast that hunts her no matter where she runs, to the all-consuming mist that threatens to not only kill her but wipe her out from time itself, she must learn to trust her instincts and forge on to find her family.

Can Jade survive these ominous dangers, with the aid of a new companion and ally? Can she find a way to traverse the gaps in time and rebuild the tattered remains of her family? Can she stop the disasters of the future from coming to fruition?

Only time will tell.

AoR4 The Eons of Elijah.JPG
The Eons of Elijah

Book four coming soon.


Estimated release date Aug 2019

The Resuoh Family has been scattered through time. While Jade was torn from this reality and trapped in time and space in the Void, Elijah and B.J escaped the flaming inferno by passing through a portal, hurtling them centuries into the past.

Now, trapped on the very island that would become the base of operations for the evil corporation ExTek Labs, they are forced to hide in plain site. Can they alter the flow of time to prevent the catastrophe that will consume humanity, or has history already been written in stone?

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