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Sunrise on a new adventure

The morning was crisp and cool, and I sat on the back porch bundled in a warm jacket, a steaming cup of coffee warming my hands. Stories of adventure were playing through my imagination as they always did. These thoughts were intermingled with the normal musing of my daily life as well. Was I going to get that project done at work on time? Was I raising my children correctly? Was I being an adequate provider? The answer to each was generally the same, I'm not sure but I hope so!

I thought about these stories, and wondered if they would ever be something that would interest others. Perhaps some may even be good enough to sell. The same answer kept returning, just as before. I don't know, but maybe?

Thus the decision was made, and pen was struck to paper. I know my writing is by no means something special, and will probably never make it onto a "Top" Anything list. While that would be nice, I also found the writing and reviewing process to be something that I really enjoyed, even if I only sell one copy (which I would probably buy myself anyway). So if you happened to stumble upon my website or my book, please subscribe, reach out to me and tell me your feelings about my stories, I love to hear the feedback! And stay tuned for more blog entries!

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